is placed in the estuary of Wieprza River to The Baltic Sea and is important point of Middle Pomerania. It is the city very rich of history and a great number of historic places raises the rest’s attractiveness very much. Darłowo is characterized by favorable microclimate with much isolation and air humidity therapeutic particle of iodine. Wide forested area and lack of bigger industrial plants are a guarantee of fresh air. From the most important places, instead of The Castle of Pomeranial Kings and a lighthouse, we are going to mention only The Old Market, Stone Gate and a fountain – The Fishman’s Monument placed in front of The Town Hall. We should add also that Darłówko, which for many is a different city, truly is a seaside, lets named it- district of Darłowo. The Darłowo’s Port is easy to reach for yachts and motor boats. Fishing boats belong to private shipowners offer short cruises for tourists. Eastern and Westen Darłówko are connected by an extended bridge on The Wieprza River, easy to reach as a passage for walkers. In this region is the tourist center spread farther to left and right side along the sea coast.


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