GDAŃSK, the biggest economic, cultural and scientific center of polish coast. The area of 262 square kilometres is inhabited by 457 000 of people. With Gdynia, Sopot and a few smaller centers it makes a sea agglomeration, named Trójmiasto, in which live over 800 000 people. Since 1999, as a result of administrative reform in Poland, Gdańsk is the capital of one of the 16 new provinces - Pomeranial. The city is important transport junction with the deepest and the biggest port on The Baltic Sea which serves the ships of even 150 000 DWT deadweight, international airport, railway and road chain.


GDYNIA, the city in Pomeranial Province. It is situated on the boarderland of Kaszubskie Edge and Kaszubskie Lakeland by the Gdańsk Bay (Baltic Sea) – 248 000 inhabitants (1998). With Gdańsk and Sopot it makes city-port agglomeration – Trójmiasto. Gdynia is also a fishing, passenger (ferry line from Karlskrony in Sweden) and military port.



SOPOT, area of 17,3 km2, about 43 000 inhabitants. The cultural, tourist and rest center, health resort with brined water. Sopot is in the middle of Trójmiasto. There is 11 km from the center of Gdańsk and 10 km from the center of Gdynia. In 2001 Sopot celebrated 100 anniversary of being given city rights.




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