:: HEL

is placed on the end of Helska Spit, 34 km from its beginning. The width of the peninsula – even 2900m- is the biggest in this region. Hel as the one in Poland is surrounded by the sea from 3 sides. Hel is still developing as important sea fishing base and region interesting for people, but it is controlled by polish army. Now we see it while finding barrier on the road from Jurata to Hel. Because of it there haven't been built many company centers like in others cities. The main rest places are there private houses, guest-houses and campings. For people resting there important is healthy, typical maritime climate. Even if the big part of the region is controlled by the army, people resting here can use many beaches, with famous „small beach” near the port and promenade. We must mention here about the only in Poland developing seal center, which in future will be the place where those animals will reproduce and will settle polish coast. Worth seeing is also the Museum of Fishing located in former church with high viewing tower, from which you can admire beautiful landscape. Second place made to available is a lighthouse. Port molo and promenade in center, with many amazing small cafes in fishing style encourage to long walks. On the molo there is a passenger marina. You can sail to Trójmiasto on the sea trip from there.




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