is a health resort and port town, on the estuary of Parsęta River into Baltic Sea. It is one of the oldest small towns on polish coast. About 4 km from the estuary, on the right bank of Parsęta River in today’s Budzistowo, Bolesław Krzywousty initiated the pomeranial bishopric. The Old Market in Kołobrzeg is a place which evokes admiration and delight in many tourists but not the only one because there are also rebuilt gothic collegiate church of NMP from XIV age, XVIII aged palace, set of grounded fortifications, Museum of Polish Arms, seaside lighthouse and the Monument of Marriage with the Sea which are as good as it. Numerous parks, squares and avenues have very good influence on our mood. In its history Kołobrzeg was a port, fortress and health resort. Natural physician advantages are brine, pelotherapy and superb microclimate there. Kołobrzeg has beautiful exposured beach on 2-kilometre-section. Water slide, molo, water-ski or neighboured tenis courts fulfilled the picture of typical health resort. We have to add here that the holiday’s season lasts there all year long. The port with lighthouse is the obligatory place to visit for every tourist or visitor of this health resort. You can find there passenger, army, fishing, trade and yacht parts. Port buildings resemble the period when the town was a fortress. Very impressive is the passenger ships’s offer the half-hour and longer voyages.




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