is placed in middle part of the coast, near the estuary of Łeba River, between Łebsko and Sarbsko Lakes. Łeba is one of the best developed tourist towns on polish coast. Well works here not only a sleeping base but also all the services connected with touristic trade. Attractive geographic placement guarantees that people who like sunbathing, windsurfing or horse riding and anglers will feel good there. From many attractions we will only mension trips by water tram to the moving dunes and launching pad, cruises or trips by fabulous commuter train. Numerous tourist paths make happy those who like wandering. Place willingly visited is also the lighthouse in Czołpin, built in 1875 and now made accessible to sightseeing. Worth visiting is also a heritage of Słowińscy in Kluki village on the south bank of the Łebsko Lake. But the best of all is Słonimski National Park, recognized by UNESCO in 1977 as a world biosphere reserve. Numerous forests near Łeba are the aims for mushroom pickers. You won’t be boring here.




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