have been developing so fast that the board between them has already disapeared. Both are by the sea and on the bank of Jamno Lake. Surely it is very tidy and very attractive town to spend your rest in. You will find there beautiful sanded beaches, many tourist, wandering, bicycle paths, voyages, viewing flights but this is only small piece of its offer for people coming there. Very popular are bicycle trips to Łazy, Unieście, Sarbinów, Gąski. Worth mentioning is fact that there is a special bicycle path through Mścice to Koszalin. Many tourists go to Gąski to see antique lighthouse. There are also many discos, pubs and restaurants and numerous gastronomic points in Mielno. You can sleep in private houses, guest-houses and small hotels offering standard adjusted to client’s requirements. On the Ujście territory you can see also beautiful dunes, covered by grass and wide beach tempting with bright tiny sand. On the beach there are small fishing boats which every day set out on the see for fishing cods, flounders and even salmons. Iodine’s contents in the air on this area is one of the highest in Europe. That why numerous yearlong health and holiday resorts function so good.



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