is a town placed on the easten part of Rewalski Coast. Older part of this town is placed on the cliff coast. More modern – easten part of the town on the more plained and placed near the sea areas arised as a result of extension. From the south Niechorze is closed by Lwia Łuża Lake which is the reserve of waterfowl. It has 1.7 m depth and is one of the deepest coastal lakes in Poland. On the westen part of Niechorze is a lighthouse working since december 1866. Niechorze has its own station of narrow-gauge railway running only in holiday season. Thanks to it possible is visiting not only Rewalski Coast but also full of monuments Trzebiatów. Although the town is very extended, there is easy to reach everywhere in a short time. Walking along the main Amber Avenue, you can always turn into one of the so bayways small streets to in a few minutes find yourselves by the sea. Niechorze not so long ago was overshadowed by Rewal and Pobierowo but in resent time it is winning more an more supporters and becomes being seen as an area of new investments.



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