Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a pleasure for us to show You the offer of the best places to stay on polish coast. The offer includes as hotels, centers, guest-houses as agrotourist and private houses.

Morena” Firm specializes in e-marketing (internet marketing) or:

- hotels
- holiday resort, sanatoriums
- hospitable houses, lodgings, guest-houses
- other business-tourist centers

We constantly cooperate with over 450 structures in Poland, effectively win new clients for them.

www.polishcoast.com is one of the best tourist portals in Poland constructed on the strenght of the experiences, which we made by constructing portals of each seaside towns: Darłowo, Mielno, Kołobrzeg, Niechorze .

The service characterizes simple, clear presentation of a place to stay (photo plus address, telephone, link to www, e-mail) Appreciated form of presentation and checked by hundreds of thousands internauts who are still visiting our web sides guaranteeing us that we are and help them to find place of dreams to stay.

Thanks to cooperation with us you can significantly increase a number of clients and in professional way reach a client – 94% of the internauts who are planning a rest on the polish coast visit our web sides.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact with our advisers.




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