Our portal POLISHCOAST.COM is excellent place for Your advertisement. Portal is visited by hundreds of internauts! They all will see your advertisement. Regardless of the fact if you work in tourist trade or not. The internauts visiting us work in diverse sectors.

Advantages of advertising on over web sides are:

We have the biggest resting base of all seaside towns on polish coast. In our base are over 450 structures with diversed standard (HOTEL-LODGING).

We note average 1000 visitors daily, with a record on 2nd August 2004 when our servise was visited by 6231 internauts!

Our service is available in all kinds of leading browsers by writing key words: the names of seaside town e.g. Jurata.

Our service works also on german market. I absolunately know how great importance for polish tourist trade has german tourist and client. Our service works on web address is the main service in german language which is equivalent of WWW.POLISCHKUSTE.COM

The advertisement on over web side has diverse forms. We advise You horizontal baners in the bottom of page and also vertical from side. For the holiday resorts, hotels, guest-houses, owners of lodgings we offer registration in our data base.

You don’t have your own finished baner? It is not a problem! We want to ensure you complex service so we propose making a baner in our firm.

If you book a baner in other firm, remember about the size! The side baners has size 150x300 or 150x200.





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